About Me

My name is Sarah and I'm a 20-something year old trying to figure out my life. I've been a casual runner for about 6 years, but I didn't start seriously training until the fall of 2011. I went from running maybe 10 miles a week (if you round up...and ignore the long breaks when I didn't run at all) to marathon training. I ran the 2012 Los Angeles marathon in 6:14:XX. Yes, I am embarrassed by how long it took me to finish. However, I am posting my time to remind myself that it's not about how fast I went, but it's about the fact that I finished

Which brings me to my next point, and to the point of my blog: gratitude. I have wrestled with depression for over a decade, so I am using this blog as a space to truly focus on and appreciate all of the wonderful things in my life. I am grateful that I had the opportunity to train for the marathon, that I was healthy enough to complete it, and that I had an incredible support system helping me along the way. My goal for this blog is to highlight in each post at least one thing for which I am grateful. I will keep myself on track with my current marathon training plan, but I will need your help, dear readers, to keep me on track with my gratefulness project!

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